Freestanding Bike Sharing LimeBike Appear in Mission Hills

LimeBike in Mission Hills San Diego

LimeBike Bike Sharing in Mission Hills

We were as surprised as you were! The BID has received numerous calls and emails regarding the placement of free standing bicycles in our community by LimeBike.

The bikes arrived without any outreach to longstanding community based organizations in Mission Hills. Expressed concerns include:

  1. LimeBike placement impedes the flow of pedestrian traffic;
  2. LimeBikes are free standing and fall over easily (some noted they watched a domino effect);
  3. LimeBike placement interferes with ADA access;
  4. LimeBike is blocking passengers from exiting vehicle; and more.

The BID has contacted LimeBike. Their representative shared the company received the City’s permission for citywide drop placements. Call Mayor Faulconer at 619-236-6330 and  Councilmember Ward at 619-236-6633 to express your opinion.


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