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New Crosswalk at Albatross and West Washington Enhances Walkability

Mission-Hills-Albatross-West-Washington-Crosswalk-Installation_4New Crosswalk at Albatross and West Washington Streets Enhances Walkability in Mission Hills

It takes a village, and sometimes a City Councilmember and a BID and a Parking Advisory Committee and a Town Council to get a crosswalk. We are happy to share a signalized crosswalk at the intersection of West Washington Street and Albatross Street was recently installed.

Please take extra caution when crossing. Vehicular traffic is still unfamiliar with the crosswalk and has been seen merrily speeding eastbound and westbound on West Washington as amber lights are flickering and people are crossing. Overall, the crosswalk was needed and will add a safer method for pedestrians to access all sides of the street.

Thank you all for making it happen!

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