Public Right of Way (PROW) Enhancement Program

PROW Info Booklet & Application

The purpose of the PROW is to optimize the growth and income of retail business and restaurants by allowing and encouraging the use of portions of the Public-Right-Of-Way between the curb and the adjacent property line. The PROW program will promote an environment that encourages pedestrian traffic and beautification of the streetscape. PROW programs are only allowed within the City of San Diego’s designated Business Improvement Districts.

Click the image to view an informative booklet on the PROW program as well as a checklist and application for Mission Hills Businesses.

PROW Fees are paid annually.

Download Forms

You may download the Checklist & Application directly:

PROW Checklist

PROW Application

Curb-to-Property Line Card

Apply online for your curb-to-property line card at here. For questions regarding the Curb-to-Property Line Card, call City Records at 619-446-5200.

Apply for PROW

To apply for PROW please complete the above Checklist and Application and then contact Mission Hills Business Improvement District Executive Director, Susan McNeil Schreyer by email at or over the phone by calling 619-559-9502. Applications for PROW must be submitted through the Mission Hills Business Improvement District, and not directly to the City.

For further information regarding the PROW Program in the Mission Hills BID, please contact: