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What is the Mission Hills Business Improvement District?

The Mission Hills Business Improvement District was organized and established through the combined efforts of the local business owners and the City of San Diego’s Community and Economic Development Department in March 2004.

The purpose of the Mission Hills BID is to improve the overall business climate of the commercial area through a committee system that includes: Promotions, Economic Development, Design, and Mission Hills Parking Advisory committees.

At our monthly meetings our agenda focuses on actions that:

  • enhance the growth and improvement of Mission Hills businesses;
  • create partnerships between business and property owners that promote economic revitalization and combat deterioration in the community served by the Mission Hills Business Improvement District; and
  • administer business and property owner assessment districts under contract with the City of San Diego, all of which are provided for by one or more ordinances of the San Diego City Council, including but not limited to Ordinance #0-17229 (the “Ordinance”), which may be amended from time to time by the San Diego City Council.

The Mission Hills BID consists of more than 500 business license holders within the geographic boundaries of West Lewis Street, Fort Stockton Drive and Goldfinch Street, the West Washington Street and University Avenue corridors, Reynard Way and India Street’s International Restaurant Row. 

An elected board of directors, consisting of local business owners holding a current business license within the above described boundaries, and an executive director provide a united voice for our members and give each business owner the ability to flourish.

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