10th Annual Taste of Mission Hills a Huge Success

10th Annual Taste of Mission Hills a Huge Success

10th Annual Taste of Mission Hills took place Wednesday, October 12, 2022, 5:00PM – 9:00PM

By all measures it was a huge success.

From the September 12th ticket sales launch to the evening of the 10th Annual Taste of Mission Hills we knew the event was grabbing event-goer’s attention. And, a month later, attendees were vocal about the great time they were having meeting people in line, riding trolleys through hills and valleys, and enjoying incredible tastes only offered in Mission Hills.

New to our 31 venue line-up was American A5 Wagyu tastes offered at The Meatery which opened in Mission Hills in April of this year and longtime Mission Hills staple, Falcon Liquor, whose participation through a special tasting license regaled discriminating tequila and wine drinkers with information for lifetime purchases.

As a “business improvement non-profit” we also measure success based on data and metrics collected from over 50% of attendees who purchased tickets online. During this year’s Taste, the BID brought people into the community, who were introduced to our businesses for the first time. Would you have guessed that 73% of this year’s attendees were first time tasters? And, 71% of purchasers were outside of the 92103 zip code. What was the age range of the largest group of tasters? Let your inner-nerd explore the analytics and see if they match your experience.

We couldn’t decide which charts to include so we are including ALL of the charts!

If you attended, thank you! If you were a participating venue offering tastes and/or a 10th Annual Taste of Mission Hills sponsor, thank you for helping us grow this event while keeping it affordable!

In addition to the charts, please take a moment to relive the event by viewing the collection of event photographs on our event wrap-up.

Plans are underway for 2023!

Sales data and charts reflect responses by purchasers of online ticket sales for the 10th Annual Taste of Mission Hills.

10th Annual Taste of Mission Hills a Huge Success


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