Feature Article about Mission Hills in San Diego Reader

reader-cover-2016-10-06-i-thought-i-knew-mission-hills_t670The San Diego Reader has a featured write-up about the Mission Hills community titled I Thought I Knew Mission Hills: A Missed opportunity to call it Ninety Fathom Hills.

I thought I knew Mission Hills. After all, I’ve eaten at a couple dozen restaurants there and can rattle off recommendations like a pro. I know there’s a library serving the neighborhood, but that a new library will soon be built to replace it. I know there used to be an authentic German butcher called Sausage King on Washington Street, and since the couple who owned the shop retired and closed its doors five years ago the San Diego sausage-scape has never been the same.

But these are the observations of a passerby. I drive through Mission Hills often enough to feel like it holds no surprises, yet rarely have I slowed down to take a look at what makes the neighborhood one of the city’s most impressive.

San Diego Reader

Writer, Ian Anderson, provides a lot of details about the history of Mission Hills, along with quotes from some of the members of the business community. Be sure to read the full story in the San Diego Reader.


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