Mission Hills is home to many delicious restaurants and food venues, making it a premier dining destination in San Diego. The following information, which may be useful to many Mission Hills business owners in the food-industry, was provided to the Mission Hills BID from the City of San Diego’s Economic Development Department:

In October 2014 Governor Brown signed AB 1826 Chesbro (Chapter 727, Statutes of 2014), requiring businesses to recycle their organic waste on and after April 1, 2016, depending on the amount of waste they generate per week.

The San Diego Food System Alliance is hosting a Food Waste Solution Summit II on Tuesday, 9/27 with a Food Waste Workshop from 8:30am-noon targeted towards any businesses and institutions looking to address food waste. Following the Food Waste Workshop, will be the Food Waste Solution Summit II from Noon – 6:30PM at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation.

Registration, Tickets, and More information can be found at:



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Thursday, June 20, 2024, 5PM-8PM

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