Mission Hills 2016 Community Bike to Business Ride & Symposium

This year’s bike event, thanks to a generous grant from SANDAG, iCommute, & GO by BIKE, was a blast!


A variety of attendees —representing casual to avid bicyclists —- participated in both the bike ride and the afternoon symposium. One of the most exciting aspects of the event was seeing the range in attendees’ attire as well as the bicycles they brought and rode!


Following a Bicycle Safety Tips session, attendees enjoyed a guided group ride through the beautiful Mission Hills community.  The group stopped for a photo op, then explored Mission Hills on their own for lunch prior to reconvening for the afternoon symposium where lots of great bicycle information was shared.  A more challenging course was defined by League Certified Instructor, Judi Tentor.  Several members of the group of riders took on the challenging course!

During the “on their own for lunch” bicyclists were encouraged to shop and dine with the “Hey Big Wheeler!” contest. $300 in prizes was awarded at the end of the Symposium for 1.) Most $ Spent in the Mission Hills BID today; 2.) Most Receipts collected in the Mission Hills BID today; 3.) Person who brought the most people to the Ride and Symposium; 4.) Person who spent the most $ today at a business hosting a freeMission-Hills-Community-Bike-Event-starting-point_10 Water Station; 5.) Person who collected the most receipts today from the widest geographic area within the Mission Hills BID; 6.) The Youngest Attendee.  The Biggest Spender spent more than $400 in the Mission Hills BID on event day!

The cumulative value of the assemblage of bicycles was beyond estimation. The oldest bicycle (truly priceless) was built in the US in the 1880’s. The newest bicycle was purchased within the month. There were 5 electric motor assisted bicycles; a bicycle made in Italy; a foldable bicycle made in London; an electric assisted tandem bicycle; a High Wheeler Replica built in Alameda, CA, and many beautiful bicycles which are readily available at a nearby bike shop.

Hats off to symposium presenters Brandon Carpenter (owner of the pristine and priceless 1880’s High Wheeler) who shared the history of Bicycles in America; Bob “Turbo Bob” Brandhauer who presented on electric assisted bicycles; Judi Tentor, League Certified Instructor who presented on Curated Bicycle Tourism and Shopping by Bicycle; Mariah VanZerr, AICP from SANDAG who provided a Mission Hills Bikeways Update; and Nicole Burgess, Council District 2 Representative, City of San Diego Bicycle Advisory Committee, whose presentation was Safe Bicycling for Moms and Kids.

Special thank you’s to Mission Hills business members: Audrey and Curtis Patterson (Patterson Engineering, Inc.) Mission-Hills-Community-Bike-Event-symposium_3and Ken Tablang (The KenGina Team at Ascent Real Estate) for participating in the ride, to Daniel Geddis (Team D&B at One Mission Realty) for securing the photographer and supporting the day’s bike launch and symposium in-person, to Troy Curnett (One Mission Realty) for attending the symposium, to Chad Dykes at Mission Hills Fabric Care Center for the bike launch parking lot space, and to Tom Curl at The KenGina at Ascent Real Estate for the generous provision of symposium and bike valet space!

More thank you’s for Free Water Stations go to Brad Sund – State Farm Insurance, the team at Luxury Farms, Lavish and Heartwork Coffee Bar.

As you are out and about in the MHBID, please remember to thank these fine individuals and businesses with your words and your patronage. It was truly a collective community event!

Group and posed professional photos by LensLife Photo


Mission Hills Garden Walk
Saturday, May 11, 2024, 10AM-4PM

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