Information pertaining to Meters, Curbs, Fire Hydrants and the University Ave Pipeline

The Mission Hills BID requested information and assistance on several items related to parking in front of 325 West Washington. Thanks to Councilmember Todd Gloria for representing Mission Hills in this matter.

  • There has been movement on the red curb and Not in Service Fire Hydrant at 325 West Washington.  The Parking-in-the-Hills_buttonfire hydrant is not in service and is slated to come on line in February 2016.  The curb was painted red and will be returned to grey.
  • Today (12/9) the University Ave Pipeline Replacement Project’s contractor will cover or wrap the newly installed fire hydrant on West Washington.  It will remain covered until it is activated.
  • The curb that has been painted red as a result of the newly installed fire hydrant will be converted back to grey (standard) in the next couple of business days.  Rain is in the forecast, so there may be a delay, however, it has been requested to be done as soon as possible in hopes to regain parking by Monday.  Once the fire hydrant is scheduled for activation, the curb will be officially converted to No Parking.

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Saturday, May 11, 2024, 10AM-4PM

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