Plan Hillcrest Discussion Draft Available – Submit comments by November 17, 2023

A satellite view of a map of Hillcrest and Mission Hills San Diego. An area in the center is outlined in red dashed lines with the rest of the map slightly grayed out.
Map displaying the Planning Area which includes parts of Mission Hills

Plan Hillcrest Community Discussion Draft Available

Members of the public encouraged to submit comments by November 17, 2023

The City of San Diego has announced the Hillcrest Focused Plan Amendment to the Uptown Community Plan is available for review and comments. Those wishing to provide comments, are encouraged to do so by November 17, 2023.

The purpose of the draft, referred to as a “Community Discussion Draft” is to provide a first draft of the comprehensive document for public review and feedback.

While largely focused on the neighboring Hillcrest community, the western boundary of the Planning Area, as identified in the above map, extends to Dove Street in Mission Hills.

The details of this plan will impact a wide aspect of community development from transportation, parking, and mobility planning to building height and land use.

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