What is PROW?

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Café Seating?  A-Frame Signs?

Permits Available Now through the Mission Hills BID’s PROW Program 

What is “PROW” and how does it effect me?

If you are a business owner in Mission Hills with a ground- level storefront we have  information for you about how to take full advantage of your Mission Hills BID membership.  If you are a visitor to or patron of our unique neighborhood of businesses, you too may be interested in reading this month’s column about the Mission Hills BID’s PROW program.

What does PROW mean?
It means Public Right oWay, or the sidewalk space between the street curb and the adjacent property line.

What is the PROW program?
The PROW permit program affords a simple way for ground-level storefront businesses to utilize the public sidewalk in front of their private organization. The PROW serves to provide a lively experience for pedestrians and diners and give merchants more leeway to expand their businesses and enhance their exposure & income. Examples of business uses within the PROW include tables, chairs, benches, racks, and signs.

PROW example Kettle & Stone A-Frame Sign
Example of an A-Frame Sign

“When I realized I needed a PROW permit for tables, chairs, and signage, I worked with the BID who made things very easy.”

– Rina Moceri, Owner of Kettle & Stone

PROW example Kettle & Stone - Cafe Seating
Example of Café Seating

Why is a valid PROW permit a benefit to my business?
A valid PROW permit is available to all ground level MHBID businesses at a substantially lower cost and effort than alternative city permits. One of the advantages to holding a business license within the MHBID boundaries is that the PROW permit is available, easily obtained, and provided for at a modest fee. On the other hand, businesses outside the BID boundaries are ineligible for the PROW permit and must obtain a sidewalk café or other discretionary permit through more complicated channels at a higher cost.

What is the role of the Mission Hills BID in regard to the PROW program?
Our role is to advocate that our businesses take advantage of this amazing opportunity to use public land for private gain. The MHBID is established to promote the welfare of businesses within our boundaries; we recognize the value in a straight forward program which allows businesses to utilize shared space for private benefit. We are excited to inform, educate, and serve as a resource for this truly unique opportunity our business owners have. We are NOT an enforcement division. For more information on the MHBID visit our website.

Does a PROW permit come with restrictions?
Some guidelines for authorized public sidewalk use are important; notably it is important to be mindful of disabled accessibility, public safety, and general aesthetics. Detailed PROW program guidelines are available on our website at: MissionHillsBID.com/PROW

What happens if I don’t pay the PROW permit fee? Who enforces the PROW?
The City of San Diego Code Enforcement Division enforces violations within the public right of way. Without a valid PROW permit to use public right of way space, a business could be subject to significant citation and fines of $1,000.00 and higher.

For answers to questions not mentioned please contact the Mission Hills BID at Mission HillsBID@gmail.com or by calling 619-559-9502.

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