Washington - Goldfinch Closure February 12, 2016Weekend Closure of Washington and Goldfinch Streets intersection – Update

The Mission Hills BID has been working with Councilmember Todd Gloria‘s office, City of San Diego staff, and representatives from BURTECH to hasten the portion of the pipeline work through the Goldfinch business district. All have offered assurances their goal is to complete the work on Goldfinch by 10:00 a.m. on Saturday February 13, 2016. This deadline will allow business to return to normal for the Valentine’s Day and President’s Day holiday weekend.

During this construction period, pipeline project managers Clem Wassenberg, the associate engineer and Luis Duenes, the resident engineer will be on-site in Mission Hills. Should any unforeseen complication occur, please reach out to the pipeline workers for assistance in locating Clem or Luis.

In case of emergency, call 619-533-4207 and press 6.


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