Meeting on the Bicycle Master Plan & Infrastructure Needs in the Uptown Community

WHERE: Happening at the Joyce Beers Community Center (see map, below).

WHEN: Monday June 29th from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

WHAT: A meeting with stakeholders to discuss the bike infrastructure needs throughout the Uptown Community.

The venue was secured through Elizabeth Hannon at the Uptown Community Parking District.

Brian Genovese from the City’s Transportation Engineering and Operations Division will facilitate the discussion. Here is what he said about the meeting:

“…the goal is to look at expanding the number of corrals, bike racks, and bike share stations throughout the community from a master plan viewpoint, rather than on a request basis as we have been doing.”

As you know the City has an adopted Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) and City staff have been working on developing a Climate Action Plan (CAP). These are in addition to the Regional Bike Plan and the Early Action Program (EAP) by SANDAG. Bike Friendly San Diego

The City’s BMP and SANDAG’s EAP are plans to develop bikeway infrastructure, whereas the CAP outlines expectations from our community to achieve a certain level of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Currently, the City’s bicycle ridership or mode share is around one (1) percent. The CAP is relying upon a bicycle mode share of six (6) percent by 2020 and eighteen (18) percent by 2035. In order to achieve the expected ridership, the type and amount of bicycle infrastructure needed is much greater than what we currently have.

It is well known and documented that a major part of attracting more ridership is through safe and well-connected bikeways but it also includes having a well-connected network of racks, corrals, and lockers, also known as end of trip facilities, so that users have a place for securing their bike at or near their destination. The Bike Program is at the beginning stages of expanding our end of trip facilities so it is good timing to engage with you and our bicycle advocacy groups in discussions on where to place more bike racks, corrals, and lockers in addition to the existing ones; we need to increase the density, not eliminate or consolidate.

Please feel free to attend.


Mission Hills Garden Walk
Saturday, May 11, 2024, 10AM-4PM

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