Colors on Canvas Banner Art Awards Reception 2021

The Colors on Canvas Banner Art Awards Reception 2021 was held on Tuesday June 8, 2021 from 5:30PM – 7:30PM. Please scroll below to browse and enjoy photos from the event as well as read the list of award winners!

This year we received 67 completed banner art entries, thanks to the hard work of Mission Hills art instructors, Jamiee Brant at Paint Box Art Studio and Sarah Ekedal at Grant TK-8 School, and their students. Thank you to Jaimee and Sarah for their partnership and guidance since the first Colors on Canvas event.

Thanks to Many

Special thanks to our financial backers the Grant TK-8 Foundation Imagine Campaign, Paint Box Art Studio, and Patterson Engineering, Inc. Without their funding support Colors on Canvas would not have happened.

Thank you to Mission Hills Business Improvement District board members and Susan McNeil Schreyer, our Executive Director for implementing the concept to tonight’s conclusion.

Thanks too, to Cake Bakery, Lazy Acres, Pizza e Birra, Thorn Brewing Company, and Backbone Floral and Vintage, Jaimee Brant and Sarah Ekedal for their generous donation of refreshments and prizes for this evening’s reception.

The event will long be remembered through the work of professional photographer, Rosanna Barr.

To The Frame Maker’s owner Samantha Atlas and her team, thank you for your partnership from the time this contest was only an idea. Banners were beautifully displayed in The Frame Maker gallery providing event attendees an opportunity to view them up close and participate in the silent auction.

Jennifer Duncan , of Cake Bakery, we thank you for providing an outdoor space for the event, and for donating the delicious Colors on Canvas celebration cake.

To our 11 banner art contest judges, John Bertsch, Miriam Buchanan, J. Daniel Geddis, Sharon Gehl, Dixie Hall, Miki Holmes, Rosario Monetti, Curtis Patterson, Stephen Wheeler, Kohta Zasier and Jesse Zmuda, thank you for taking hours from your day to judge all of the banners. And to Amy Hallquist a Mission Hills resident and this year’s golf cart donor, thank you for chauffeuring the judges over miles of our neighborhood street!  You and your electric cart really added to the FUN! 

Colors on Canvas Banner Art Award Winners

Honorable Mention

  • TK – 2nd Grade Honorable Mention: Bodhi Gonzales – Paint Box Art Studio – Love is Life Banner Art
  • 3rd – 5th Grade Honorable Mention: India Zubiller – Paint Box Art Studio – Cats of Starbucks Banner Art
  • 6th – 8th Grade Honorable Mention: Bijou Gonzales – Paint Box Art Studio – Paint Box Banner Art

3rd Place Awards

  • TK – 2nd Grade 3rd Place Award: Bianca Talago – Paint Box Art  Studio – St Vincent Banner Art
  • 3rd – 5th Grade 3rd Place Award: Elena Rubio – Paint Box Art Studio – Siggy Sue Banner Art
  • 6th – 8th Grade 3rd Place Award (tied): Anna Robitaille – Paint Box Art Studio – Meshuggah Banner Art
  • 6th – 8th Grade 3rd Place Award (tied): Kara Dayani – Paint Box Art Studio – Lazy Acres Banner Art

2nd Place Awards

  • TK – 2nd Grade 2nd Place Award: Carroll/Ekedal Classroom – Grant School – Season Tree Banner Art
  • 3rd – 5th Grade 2nd Place Award: Johanna Haims – Paint Box Art Studio – Nursery Sunset Banner Art
  • 6th – 8th Grade 2nd Place Award: Mia Turner – Paint Box Art  Studio – Dogs of Mission Hills Banner Art
Mia Turner with Curtis & Audrey Patterson and Kohta Zasier
Mia Turner accepts the 2021 Marianne Kalem Legacy Award from Curtis and Audrey Patterson, photographed with Kohta Zasier from Mayor Todd Gloria’s office.

1st Place Awards

  • TK – 2nd Grade 1st Place Award: Williams/Ekedal Classroom – Grant School – Donuts Banner Art
  • 3rd – 5th Grade 1st Place Award: Hurdle/Ekedal Classroom – Grant School – Balletcenter West Banner Art
  • 6th – 8th Grade 1st Place Award: Ava Patri – Paint Box Art Studio – Ibis Market Banner Art

Marianne Kalem Legacy Award Grand Prize Winner

Many thanks to Curtis and Audrey Patterson of Patterson Engineering, Inc. for creating the Marianne Kalem Legacy Award Grand Prize and generously donating $500.00 for this award. The Grand Prize winner was Mia Turner, a student at Paint Box Art Studio for “Dogs of Mission Hills” who accepted the $500.00 check from Patterson Engineering, Inc’s Curtis and Audrey Patterson.

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