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At the request of Councilmember Ward, Mayor Faulconer has proposed 28 Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) units to replace the old Mission Hills Library, which rests at the gateway to Mission Hills.

Housing solutions for the chronically homeless are important and must be thoughtfully placed throughout San Diego to reach all those in need. However, city-ownership should not be the deciding factor in where low-barrier homeless shelters are placed.

PSH at the gateway to the community is NOT the highest and best use for such a precious Mission Hills asset within our commercial core.

  • Council District 3, which includes Mission Hills, supports 72% of all PSH within San Diego while three Council Districts still have none.
  • Should this project be developed, expedited permitting and approvals will be employed per the recent passage of Assembly Bill 2162.
  • We care because the purpose of the Mission Hills BID is to improve the overall business climate of the commercial area.
  • PSH is incongruent with enhancing the small business community surrounding this property.

Do You Have All The Facts?

  • This proposal includes a plan to build 28 single occupancy units for the chronically homeless.
  • PSH is a program which provides long-term housing and supportive services to chronically homeless people.
  • Program participation in supportive services is voluntary and may include mental, psychiatric, and social assistance.
  • Low-barrier housing means that a minimum number of expectations are placed on people who wish to live there; tenants may have a criminal history and are not expected to abstain from using alcohol or other drugs, or from carrying on with street activities while living on-site.

We Need Your Help

“NO on PSH at 925 W. Washington Street” Petition Signing Event

Friday, September 13th from 4pm – 7pm

Fisher Gross Kitchen & Bath, 912 W Washington Street (across from the Old MH Library)

Can’t Make it to the Event?


Download a flyer

Click here to download a handout to distribute to others in Mission Hills.


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